• 石井 敦


    CEO, Couger Inc.

    IBMを経て、楽天やインフォシークの大規模検索エンジン開発を担当。その後、日本・米国・韓国を横断したオンラインゲーム開発プロジェクトの統括や進行。 そこからAI・ロボティクス分野に進出。Amazon Robotics Challenge トップレベルのチームへの技術支援及び共同開発、ホンダへのAIラーニングシミュレーター提供、NEDO次世代AIプロジェクトでのクラウドロボティクス開発統括などを行う。 現在、AI x ロボティクス x IoT x ブロックチェーンによる応用開発を進めている。
    After being involved in the development of various services at IBM, he developed multiple large-scale search engines at Rakuten and Infoseek. He founded Couger and led the teams in Japan, US, and South Korea for developing multiple top-selling online games. He has also provided technical cooperation to one of the top teams for Amazon Robotics Challenge, provided AI learning simulator to Honda, and led the development of Cloud Robotics for a Japanese government-backed AI research project. He is currently leading the development of ""Connectome"" using AI x Robotics x IoT x Blockchain.

    CEO and Co-founder, Tupac Bio

    Eli Lyons, Ph.D. candidate, is the CEO and co-founder of Tupac Bio. Eli completed a master's degree in Computer Engineering and Embedded Systems in America prior to commencing his doctoral studies at the University of Tokyo. His Ph.D. work has involved a mix of hands on wet-lab work and bioinformatics analyses of high-throughput mutagenic screens. He co-founded Tupac Bio to develop intuitive software solutions to emerging problems in biodesign and high-throughput screening.
  • 林要


    GROOVE X株式会社
    CEO & Founder, GROOVE X, Inc.

    1973 年 愛知県生まれ 1998 年 トヨタ自動車にてキャリアスタート スーパーカー“LFA”等の空力(エアロダイナミクス) 開発 2003 年 同社 F1(Formula 1)の空力開発 2004 年 Toyota Motorsports GmbH (ドイツ)にて F1 の空力開発 2007 年 トヨタ自動車 製品企画部(Z)にて量産車開発 マネジメント 2011 年 孫正義後継者育成プログラム 「ソフトバンクアカデミア」外部第一期生 2012 年 ソフトバンク 感情認識パーソナルロボット 「Pepper(ペッパー)」の開発に携わる 2015 年 GX 創業、代表取締役 就任 2016 年 シードラウンドとして国内最大級となる 14 億円の資金調達完了 2017 年 シリーズ A ラウンドにて 43 億 5 千万円の資金調達完了
    1973: Born in Aichi Prefecture 1998: Began career at Toyota Motor Corporation Developed aerodynamic products such as Supercar “LFA” 2003: Developed aerodynamic designs of F1 (Formula 1) at the same company 2004: Developed aerodynamic designs of F1 at Toyota Motorsports GmbH (Germany) 2007: Managed development of mass-produced models at Product Planning Division (Z) in Toyota Motor Corporation 2011: Joined Masayoshi Son’s program for successor development “Softbank Academia”, external member of inaugural class 2012: Development of emotion recognition personal robot “Pepper” at Softbank 2015: Founded GX and assumed CEO post 2016: Procured fund amounting to JPY 1.40 billion, the largest domestically as seed round 2017: Procured fund amounting to JPY 4.35 billion for series A round
  • 栗原 宏平


    President, Tokyo Chapter, Government Blockchain Association

    Government Blockchain Association 東京チャプター代表。PUBLIQ 日本アンバサダー。マンガコネクト株式会社代表取締役 学生時代に大阪維新の会の府議会議員事務所で働き、卒業後楽天株式会社に入社。2014年にマンガコネクト株式会社を設立し、現在はブロックチェーン関連の様々なプロジェクトに携わる。
    Government Blockchain Association President of Tokyo Chapter. PUBLIQ Japan Ambassador. Co-founder of Mangaconnect. At university student, worked at local political office as secretary, and sales member at Japanese ecommerce company after graduates. In 2014, founded Mangaconnect, and organizing some blockchain projects.
  • 岡島 礼奈


    CEO, ALE Co.Ltd.,

    東京大学理学部天文学科卒/同大学院理学系研究科天文学専攻にて博士号取得。 在学中に、サイエンスとエンターテインメントの会社を代表取締役として設立。 ゲーム、産学連携のサービスなどを立ち上げる。ゴールドマン・サックス証券勤務 2011年9月に株式会社ALE設立。
    Founded ALE in September 2011 and serves as its CEO. Prior to ALE, worked in bond investment and private equity at Goldman Sachs. She is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded two companies in the past in the mobile gaming and consulting industries. Ph.D. in Astronomy at the University of Tokyo.

    Head of Business Development, Business Development, botspot

    In a former life as a book publisher responsible for a digitalization process that opened up many new opportunities. Decided to continue this challenge much more consequently, joining Berlin's 3D scan technology whizkids from botspot.
  • 松田 総一


    CEO, LeapMind, Inc.

    He launched a service to visualize matching the engineer skills in 2010, business transfer to establish this business a Singapore branch office. Then, founded LeapMind,Inc. in the investment and own funds from private investors

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